Monday, June 22, 2009

6 Weeks

We have made it to six weeks and she is getting bigger fast. At her one month checkup, she weighed 8 pds, 3 oz. and was 22 inches. She still isn't sleeping through the night but has gotten down to going to bed around midnight and getting up once to eat most nights. This month we have gotten out more and visited her daddy and uncle jared at work. We also had a chance to see my work family at cbc too. We also went a few nights ago for my nephew, Joseph's, 5th birthday party! He is growing up so fast. I still remember him being Madelyn's size. Madelyn had a great time visiting with her cousin's. My niece, Bella, thought she was a baby doll. She was a great little mommy to her and they will probably be great friends. She helped feed her and wiped her mouth. She even went into her room and got her own pillow and gave it to Madelyn to lay on. They were very sweet.

I have this last week left to spend with her before I go back to work so we may go have some pictures made since we don't take the best ones. Hopefully we can spend this week playing and cuddling and just enjoying each other as much as possible.

Madelyn with Uncle Drew and Aunt Amber

Madelyn with Uncle Brandon and Aunt Kristen

Madelyn with her Cousin Bella.

The Cooper kids and grandkids...

Bella helping Madelyn with her dinner

Joseph on his 5th birthday!

Maddy and her daddy