Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Madelyn's First Day in her New Class

Madelyn started in the Wobblers class on Monday. We think she really likes it but it is so different from the Infant class. She actually has orgainzed activites such as outdoor time, art, reading time, circle time, etc...We know she's happier because she was showing many signs of boredom in the last class. However, she is coming home just exhausted and a little cranky so hopefully that will change in the next few weeks as she gets used to it.

Check out her cute picture on her way to her first day as a Wobbler! Thanks to her NeNe for the cute new shirt.

And yes, that is a Wheat Thin in her hand at 7:30 in the morning. They are her favorite food right now.

Monday, July 19, 2010

We have the best neighbors!

Adam and I truly lucked out with the most wonderful neighbors, Tim and Christie, we could ever ask her. I'm not just saying this because we borrowed their pool this weekend. :)

Seriously it is wonderful to have Christie across the street since I am a new mom and she's done this twice already. Tim is great too. Especially if you ever need someone to come chase a bird out of your house!

We truly are blessed having them right across the street...and we had a great time in the pool this weekend. I hope they had a wonderful trip and if Tim and Christie are reading this...hey guys, so far we haven't seen anyone toilet paper your house yet! :)

What's for Dinner Tonight?


Madelyn and Molly

Madelyn has become so sweet with the dogs and now gives them hugs all the time...even when they sit in her chair.
And yes, she is playing in her room in her bathing suit. :)

Father's Day 2010 - sorry so late

Madelyn made her Daddy a paper bowtie at school for Father's Day.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Like My Hair Style?

Today Madelyn came home with a new hair style courtesy of Ms. Wendy who works in the kitchen at daycare. I thought it was just adorable. I think Madelyn liked it too until it was time to take the rubber bands out. Ouch!

Ok, seriously, who couldn't fall in love with this face?

Oh, and it wouldn't be a normal day if she wasn't playing with her books.

I know that's not my child standing up in her chair...

Uh oh, I guess it was!!! I love the look on her face when she got caught.

Playing in her closet seemed like fun, I guess...

Books, Books, Books

Madelyn has become obsessed with books. Adam bought her new toys and she won't even look at them so now we have a weekly Half Price Books visit for her a new book. It's really sweet because she will sit in her chair for a good amount of time just looking through her books.