Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday Fun

Madelyn had her Easter pictures on Saturday afternoon in the Stockyards area downtown. I found the most adorable dress for only $15 at Marshalls's and with my moms borrowed pearls, she looked so pretty. I can't believe she already looks so grown up.

The best part of the pictures is that Heather, our photographer, brought bunnies again this year. As some might know, the Easter photos from last year are the only ones with smiles and of course, this was the case again this year. She just loves bunnies!

As we were driving to the photo shoot location, I saw a sign for a petting zoo so I was thinking she would just love to see all the animals. So we changed her clothes after the Easter pics and tried to find a place to park. They only had goats....lots of goats...but Madelyn really enjoyed herself. And yes, she wouldn't give up the pearls.

Enjoy some pictures of our sweet girl...

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  1. pearls and a purse to feed the goats, LOVE IT! She has gotten so big Amanda, so adorable, we are overdue for a visit!