Thursday, March 19, 2009

34 Week Pregnancy Update...

Ok, so from this picture it is supposed to Madelyn on her side looking at the camera. It's kind of difficult to make anything out other than it appears she has been blessed with my big cheeks.

Yesterday was my 34 week checkup. At this point, Madelyn weighs 4 pds. 16 oz which is just a bit below average. She's in the 39th percentile while 50 is average but nothing to worry about. If I make it full term (40 weeks) they believe she will be around 7 to 7 1/2 pounds which is an average size.

Everything else such as my blood pressure and so on checked out fine so we will just keep moving along. I have another appointment in two weeks and then I will be on the fun weekly schedule as all of you other pregnant women know about.

As for an update around our house...Molly's 5th birthday is next Wednesday. It's not an exact date since she was a rescue but it's the date she came home with us. Over the weekend, Adam and I were remembering the Friday night we drove to Springtown in the rain and picked her up. She was such a sweet heart but so busy playing with other dogs that we didn't really get to know her but there was no way we were leaving without her. On the way home, we still remember that she peed in the back of the Eclipse...not her best moment.

She was quite a handful for the first year or so being a rescue and trying to settle in but now she pays us back everyday by being so wonderful and loving. I can't believe we've had her four years already. Hopefully if it's warm this weekend, we can celebrate with dog ice cream and by turning on the water sprinkler for her and Max.

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